I thought now I'd would give you some information on Camnethan Street. This runs parallel to the main road coming in from Larkhall to the east of Lockhart & New Street.

Again you will see that the houses are similar to Green Street with the typical weavers houses. The houses were mainly built through a Mutual Society and when the last occupier was housed the Society was disbanded.

Stone was easy to come by from a quarry about a mile to the east.

Looking south you will see the School to the left (where I was a pupil in the forties), and in the background is the Congregational Church, my church until I moved away.

Around the point where the two children in white are playing was a Newsagents Shop, and guess who was a news paper boy in 1948/49.

My fathers house when he married his first wife was I think number 27.

To the left at the School is Boghall Street, and it was this street that a good number of Irish immigrants lived after leaving Ireland during the potato famine. Some of the houses in this street to the left after the school have both front and back gardens.

You can compare the top picture with a modern day view of Camnethan Street taken in August 1999.


Cam'nethan Street in 1904 (above) and below in 1903.


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