Gilmour / Halliday Family

Family of William Gilmour and Lilias Sorbie circa 1902

Top Row: Mary, Robert, Henry, John, Agnes, George

 Middle Row: Jean, Guy (Gavin), Mother Lilias, Father William, Grace, Willie

 Bottom Row: Bell, Lilly Baird, Lilly Gilmour

Lilias Sorbie seated middle centre was born on 6th April 1840 in Stonehouse. She was the eldest of Thomas Sorbie and Grizel Millar's 12 children.  Thomas was the son of John Sorbie, born 1798 who married Ann Brown on 11th January 1817. Grizel was the daughter of Gavin Millar and Lilias Hamilton married in Stonehouse in May 1813.

Lilias married William Gilmour on 6th May 1858 in Stonehouse and they had a large family of 15 children, the last daughter being Isabella (Bell) who was born in 1880 and the last son Henry. John, the eldest son died in 1898 - therefore this places this superb photo sometime in the mid/late 1890's. Note how all the men sport prominent moustaches - even Henry who was in his late teens. Henry was the last of his generation to die - in 1974 at 37, Kirk Street, Stonehouse at the grand age of 93.

George Baker, resident of Stonehouse recalls Henry A.P.Gilmour "...The Former United Presbyterian Church was given the name ‘Paterson United Free Church’ in memory of the Rev Henry Angus Paterson who ministered there for almost 60 years. It is said that almost the whole village followed the much loved and respected man to his final resting place in the local cemetery in August 1901.

Many of the children of the village were named Henry, Henrietta Paterson, after the old Minister. One of our own was Henry Angus Paterson Gilmour, born May 23rd 1881, he was the youngest of a family of 15, Father was William Gilmour, Mother Lilias Sorbie. Henry was named after the old minister, and later became a manager, then Preses of the Congregation, for many years.

When I first came to live in Stonehouse, I remember seeing old Henry on his way to Church on a Sunday morning, (Grey suit, trilby hat) carrying his Bible and hymn book. I can picture him yet. He still lived in the house in Kirk Street where he was born.."

William and Lilias' fourth son was Gavin (middle row above, second left), born on May 24th 1866. He married Margaret Brown in Stonehouse in February 1891. Their son William was born in 1898 and being academically gifted, he was awarded a place at Glasgow University to study medicine in 1917.

William Gilmour (left) and a colleague in 1917

However his further education was deferred when he voluntarily joined the Gordon Highlanders and was posted to the 1st/7th Battalion as World War One began to reach it's conclusion. Regretfully William's life like so many others was tragically cut short on Friday 27th July 1918, at the age of only 20 years. He died in battle at Marne, France and is buried at Marfaux cemetery near Reims. His parents, Gavin and Margaret were given at this time as living at 22, Green Street, Stonehouse. William's name is also commemorated on the war memorial in Stonehouse new cemetery.


A poignant photo of William Gilmour's grave

William and Lillias' eldest son John (standing back row on the family photo above, forth from left), was born in March 1861. John Gilmour married Ann Todd were married on 13th November 1883. Their eldest son Wllliam Gilmour was born 5th July 1883 in Lockhart St., Stonehouse. William married Jeanie Kerr on 31 Oct 1902 at Millside, Bothwell and they had 7 children.

Ann Todd was born 31 May 1861, the daughter of John Todd and Jean Hamilton, but she tragically died aged 23 years on 12 February 1885 from childbirth complications (puerperal peritonitis), 6 days after the birth of her daughter Jeannie.

 John Gilmour then married Helen Hoggan, his 2nd wife in Hamilton on 1st June 1888. Helen born 29th June 1857 in Glasgow was the daughter of Willian Hoggan and Ellen Young. John and Helen had two children Helen and John. John Snr unfortunately died in Angle Street, Stonehouse in May 1898 at the age of 37. Three years later young Helen died aged only 12 on 1st July 1901 at  1, Waverly Place, Bothwell. Her death certificate lists acute gastritis (5 days) as the cause of death, although the family were always told she died of meningitis

Picture of John Gilmour's children - taken June 1901.

Rear: William Gilmour (b. 5 Jul 1883), Jeanie "Jane" Todd Gilmour (b. 6 Feb 1885) - children of John Gilmour and his first wife, Ann Todd.

Front: John's widow Helen Hoggan Gilmour, John Gilmour (b.3rd Sept 1892), Helen Young Gilmour (b. 3rd Apr 1889).

John and Helen's only son, John, was born 3rd September 1892 (front middle, above).

John Gilmour in his school class c.1900. He is 2nd from the right, middle row

A proud 16 year old John, left, pictured after winning a swimming trophy

The photo was taken c.1908 in Hamilton's 'Orchard Hill Studios'

John Gilmour, shown second from the right during WW1.

The man standing next to him is James Hutton, grandfather of John Hamilton, another of our Sorbie Descendants.

  John married Jeanie Easton from Ferniegair, Lanarkshire in October 1919. They had their first child John William in Hamilton, in November 1920.

Jeanie Gilmour with John William as a 'wee lad'

William and family emigrated to the USA with his brother John and wife Jeannie along with their mother Helen Hoggan on 22nd August 1922 via Ellis Island, New York. They travelled to Indian Head, Fayette, Pennsylvania where they met up with Helen's 2nd husband, Robert Henderson whom she had married in 1919 in Union Street, Hamilton. John and William eventually ended up in Dearborn where they lived 5 streets apart. It was here in Michigan where John and Jeannie had a daughter Jean on July 12th 1927.

John Gilmour with children John William and Jean in 1928

John William Gilmour, born 1920

Their son John William married June Marie Soullier in Dearborn, Michigan on 20th June 1942 and they had a daughter Denise who now resides in Arizona.

John and June on their wedding day

John and Jeannie's daughter Jean married Robert Halliday in Detroit on 17th May 1952. He was an accountant, she was a secretary. They were introduced at a funeral wake by Robert's friend, a Scotsman, Alec Frame in 1950. They were engaged on Valentine's Day 1951 and fifteen months later they were married. 

Jean Gilmour in 1950

Robert Halliday and Jean Gilmour - May 17th 1952

John Snr. and Jeanie Gilmour, pictured in 1952

John Gilmour Snr. and granddaughter Susan Halliday in 1956

John Snr. died in 1967 aged 75 and Jeanie in 1965 aged 73.

Nancy (left) and Susan - Detroit, March 1958

Robert and Jean Halliday had two children, Susan and Nancy in Michigan, then moved the family down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida in August 1958 where Robert's parents had been living since the early 1950's. Two more children followed, Richard and Becky.

The Halliday family pictured together in 1972

Robert Halliday died in 1973, the year after the above photo was taken and Jean in 1980, both in Oakland Park, Florida.

A recent photo of the Halliday 'clan'. L to R: Becky, Nancy, Susan, and Richard

The Hallidays all still live in the Fort Lauderdale area, except Becky, the 'baby of the bunch' who lives in North Carolina with her husband Jerry and family.

Susan and Becky are members of the Sorbie e-mail group. Susan, especially is keen to research her Scots ancestry including the Gilmour family and has already visited Scotland to investigate her roots.  She hopes to make it over to the Sorbie reunion in Stonehouse in the next year or two.

Becky, with husband Jerry and children Kyle and Kevin - taken in 2003 at Kevin's graduation from middle school.

Latest addition to the family - Kyle Andrew Wilson, son of Becky and Jerry. Born April 2000.