More photos from the 2007 UK gathering


St. Machans Church - Pictured 07/07/07

The attendees arrive at the hall

Muriel Sorbie and her sister Mary ably staffed the Merchandise stall

Elma Sorbie and her sister-in-law Elaine welcomed people on reception

Ann Anderson is presented with flowers after her singing recital

Tom Sorbie at the pulpit of St. Machans Church

The gathering attendees pictured from the church gallery

Andy Potts (left) and George Baker helped to organise the gathering

Rev Willie Downie gives a talk on the "History of Larkhall" watched by Tom Sorbie

Tom talks to Mitchell and Jetta Sorbie at St. Ninians

Vhairi Potts pictured next to a distinctive 17th century headstone

Carol Connelly and Tom Stauss of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Carol attended the first gathering in Stonehouse in 2001.

Dalserf Parish Church, founded in 1655-  pictured under brooding skies.

 Larkhall is still part of this ancient parish which is one of the smallest in Lanarkshire

A thistle - the National emblem of Scotland - shown in Dalserf Churchyard

Evening sunset over the River Clyde - taken at Rosebank, Lanarkshire - 7th July 2007

A beautiful scene to end a great day



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