Sorbie Family Reunion



On Hogmanay, (December 31st ) 2000 a small get-together was held between three Sorbie families. Hugh Robinson and Andy Potts had already known eachother for many years and were eagerly amassing information as part of their ‘Sorbie Quest’.

They had made contact with Elinor Sargent via e-mail only a few months before and she and her husband Peter had kindly invited the families to their house in Chorley, Lancashire (England). This was only 30 miles from where Andy and Hugh live in Manchester. Also in attendance were Elinor’s parents, Gavin and Sadie Sorbie who had journeyed down from Renfrewshire, Scotland for the occasion. Everyone got on like a house on fire and friendships were immediately made. After all, we are all cousins...

Sorbie descendants of all generations 

Back row from left; Laura Sargent, Gavin Sorbie, Philippa Robinson (holding Vhairi Potts), Elinor Sargent, Hugh Robinson. Front; Avril Potts holding Aidan Potts.

Stories were exchanged and family history was discussed. Plans were laid there and then to stage a bigger reunion in the Summer, back in the Sorbie heartland of Lanarkshire, Scotland... From little acorns do mighty oaks grow..!!

   Sorbie cousins compare notes on family history

From left; Sadie Sorbie, Andy Potts, Elinor Sargent, Gavin Sorbie, Ivy Robinson.

Little did we realise that this would be the start of something big...

"Smile everybody..."


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